When Saturday Comes



When Saturday Comes

by Darren Vallier

directed by Des Young & Sharon Watts


presented by Act Too (Youth Group)


28 - 31 July 1999

Lucy Hall as Jodie

Rebecca Watts as Nibbler


The Crewcuts:

 Luke Chatterton as Ace

 Stuart J. Frith as Swing

 Daniel Jones as Loach

 Craig Cottingham as Mouse

 Darren Eager as Brains

 Joseph Otway as Slow Jo

 Becky Lucas as Gang Member 1

 Nicole Cottingham as Gang Member 2

 Claire Randall as Gang Member 3


The Lemmings:

 Stacy Dunk as Kenneth

 Zoe Woolgar as Colin

 Annette Flavin as Dorothy

 Gemma Logan as Ronald

 Sarah Jackson as Belinda

 Melissa Pover as Gang Member 1

 Katie Kimber as Gang Member 2

 Andrew Conway as Gang Member 3

 Amy Courteney as Gang Member 4

 Helen Heighton as Gang Member 5



Jud’s Gang:

 Mark Brownsey-Joyce as Jud

 Sam Feeney as Flem

 Sarah Knight as Animal

 Katie Rose Strong as Maggot

 Leah Thompson as Gang Member 1

 Sarah Julie Milner as Gang Member 2

 Abigail Mendoza as Gang Member 3

 Rachel Solomon as Gang Member 4

 Paul Derby as Gang Member 5

 Jo Benson as Gang Member 6


The Juddettes:

 Lindsey Spencer as Tracey

 Hannah Jayne Webb as Debbie

 Carley Moss as Dawn

 Georgiana Harvey as Babs

 Hannah Strong as Sandra


The Wrinklies:

 Clare Jackson as Wrinklie 1

 Lucy Perry Chapman as Wrinklie 2

 Amy Jane Kimber as Wrinklie 3

 Sarah Fulton as Wrinklie 4

Directed by: Des Young & Sharon Watts

Musical Director: Angie Jackson

Singing Coach: Suzanne Green

Voice Projection Tutor: Louise Yeo

Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Assistant Stage Managers: Paul Strong, Eddie Bolton, Dave Yarlett

Lighting: Mike Medway

Sound: Simon Snelling

Set Construction: Steve Bunker

Backdrop Artist: Bob Layzell

Costumes: Nina Yeo

Box Office: Jane Denyer and Team

Chaperones: Jane Kimber, Vanessa Strong, Sue Bolton

Front of House Manager: Frank Childs

The Orchestra: Angie Jackson (Electric Piano), Les Ogden (Drums)


              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council