The Coarse Acting Show



The Coarse Acting Show

by Michael Green

directed by Roger Howorth

(who wishes to remain anonymous)


14 - 17 April 1999


Paddy Hartley as Triangle Player

Lee Pryor as Conductor

Maggie Hall as Countess Formaggio

Suzanne Courteney as Her Maid

Ron Common as Alfonso

Ian Bishop as Count Formaggio

Huntsmen, Attendants etc.: Brian Moulton, Nina Yeo,

          Jenny Burtenshaw, Sharon Watts, Mark Brownsey-Joyce,

          Aaronita Carlton, Vanessa Strong



Roger Howorth as The Inspector

Brian Moulton as Mr Oliver D’arcy

Nina Yeo as Mrs D’arcy

Mickey Barrett as Hubert D’arcy

Ian Bishop as The Major

Ron Common as James

Maggie Hall as The Cook

Simon Snelling as The Vicar

Paddy Hartley as Prompt



Jenny Burtenshaw as Veruka

Aaronita Carlton as Basha

Paddy Hartley as Gnasha

Sharon Watts as Babushka

Roger Howorth as Footrotski

Ron Common as Piles

Dave Stenning as Captain Sodov

Brian Moulton as Stationmaster

Des Young as Schoolmaster



Brian Moulton as Frederigo – a deposed Duke

Roger Howorth as Dronio – his son

Dave Stenning as Testiculo – a clown

Ron Common as Mud – a loon

Mickey Barrett as Brochio – a usurping Duke

Simon Snelling as Friar Crucible – a holy man

Jenny Burtenshaw as Delia – daughter to Bronchio

Ron Common as Lute Player – a lute player

Ron Common as Grot – another loon

Sharon Watts as Dracula – a nurse

Ron Common as Bolio – a fairy

Ron Common as Messenger

Les Ogden as The God Pan

Mark Brownsey-Joyce & Des Young as Soldiers

Attendants – anyone who happened to be available


Directed by: Roger Howorth (who wishes to remain anonymous)

Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Assistant Stage Manager: Paul Strong

Assistant Stage Manager’s Assistant: Denis Yeo

Tea Boy: Dave Yarlett (who actually did the scene shifting)

Properties Manager: Des Young

Properties Assistants: Vanessa Strong, Judy Stringer

Choreographer: Sharon Watts

Costumes: Nina Yeo

Hats: Frances Moulton

Box Office: Jane Denyer and Team

Lighting: Mike Medway

Sound Effects: Mark Abbott

Front of House Manager: Frank Childs

Smelling Salts and Resuscitation: St. John’s Ambulance Brigade

Sword Fight Choreography: St. Dunstans

The Great God Pan’s Head: Donkey’s ‘R’ us

Set Construction: Virtually all of the above

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council