Prisoner Of Destiny



Prisoner Of Destiny

by Barry Roach and Ursula Roseveare

Directed by: Barry Roach and Constance Cox


7-9 June 1956


Performed at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing, to celebrate

the 21st Anniversary of The Southwick Players and

The Sussex Playwright’s Club.

Dorothy Rowan as Lady Blessington

Valerie Stone as The Girl

Phyll Beard as Her Mother

Derek Mason as Count D’Orsay

Edward Hood as Vicomte De Persigny

Richard Warden as Doctor Conneau

Barry Roach as Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III)

Ralph Sharp as General Montholon

Doreen Kingsnorth as Elizabeth Howard

Ronald Kingsnorth as The Captain (later Commandant)

Frank Whitbourn as The Lieutenant & The Secretary

Muriel Press as Eleonore Vergeot

Derek Mason as The Workman


Directed by: Barry Roach and Constance Cox

Stage Manager: Cyril Laughton

Assistant Stage Managers: Fred Patching, G. Thomas Denney

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Properties: Adrian Chadburn

Lighting: Ralph Sharp

Settings Designed by: Jon Peaty



              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council