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An alphabetical list (by first name) of  Players Members and the productions they have been involved in, character name and/or their backstage role.


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V. Williams                Stage Assistant, Great Expectations, 1947


Val Courtman               Citizen, Robber, Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, 1979

                           Properties, Lloyd George Knew My Father, 1978

                           Miss Figgis, Corinth House, 1977

                           Continuity, Jack And The Beanstalk, 1977

                           Properties, Person Unknown, 1976


Valerie Holmes             Fisherfolk, Sailor, Robinson Crusoe, 1970


Valerie Ludlow             Set Construction, Swan Song, 1948


Valerie Patterson          Ensemble, If Any Question Why?, 1986

                           Properties, Everything In The Garden, 1985

                           Mrs. Brown, The Public Eye, 1985


Valerie Porter             Lighting, Before The Flood, 1985


Valerie Stone              Penelope Toop, See How They Run, 1957

                           Naomi, Noah, 1956

                           Daphne Wray, On Monday Next, 1956

                           The Girl, Prisoner Of Destiny, 1956


Vanessa Bellringer         Karen, Gel, 2008


Vanessa Strong             Villager, A Ring Of Roses, 2001

                           Gilly, Gilly’s Gem, 2000

                           Properties, The Coarse Acting Show, 1999

                           Chaperone, When Saturday Comes, 1999

                           Ensemble, Il Fornicazione, 1999

                           Properties, My Fair Lady, 1999

                           Lightning #2, On The Razzle, 1998


Vegas Proudfoot            Card Gardener (Anna), Alice In Wonderland, 2013


Venetia Baker              Producer, Meet Me By Moonlight, 1985

                           Maude Larrabee, Sabrina Fair, 1976

                           Producer, The Captives, 1974

                           Miss Mackay, The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, 1973

                           Marjorie Shaw, Shock Tactics, 1972

                           Janet Holt, The House By The Lake, 1972

                           Maud Barron, On Monday Next, 1971

                           Producer, Trap For A Lonely Man, 1971

                           Sheila, Relatively Speaking, 1970

                           Stage Manager, Two One Act Plays, 1970

                           Mrs. Higgins, Pygmalion, 1969

                           Mirabelle Petersham, A Likely Tale, 1968

                           The Countess of Lister, The Chiltern Hundreds, 1968

                           Producer, Bitter Sanctuary, 1967

                           Producer, The Long Sunset, 1967

                           Alice Fisher, Billy Liar, 1966

                           Mrs. Hopwood, The Sun And The Shadow, 1966

                           Gentlemen’s Wardrobe, Pools Paradise, 1966

                           Producer, A Letter From The General, 1965

                           Mary Roberts, How Are You, Johnnie?, 1964

                           Lotta Bainbridge, Waiting In The Wings, 1964

                           Properties, Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?, 1964

                           Properties, Flowering Cherry, 1963

                           Mrs. Whyte, Waters Of The Moon, 1963

                           Properties, Pennies From Heaven, 1962

                           The Duchess of Devonshire, Berkeley Square, 1962

                           Hippolyte, The Rape Of The Belt, 1961

                           Ensemble, The Gentle Guardsman, 1961

                           Sister Mary Bonaventure, Bonaventure, 1960

                           Properties, Viceroy Sarah, 1960

                           Isabel Kilpatrick, The Bride And The Bachelor, 1959

                           The Queen Mother of Persia, Adventure Story, 1959

                           Properties, And This Was Odd, 1958

                           Lady Procula, The Vigil, 1958

                           Mrs. Phillips, Serious Charge, 1958

                           Properties, The Shop At Sly Corner, 1957

                           Wardrobe, See How They Run, 1957

                           Alice Garth-Bander, George And Margaret, 1956

                           Maud Barron, On Monday Next, 1956

                           Properties, The Young Elizabeth, 1956

                           Properties, The Mustard Seed, 1955

                           Pinkie Collins, Grand National Night, 1954

                           Sybil Birling, An Inspector Calls, 1954

                           Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots  Rizzio's Boots, 1953


Venetia Brice-White        Edna Selby, Harlequinade, 1952

                           Janet Fraser, The First Mrs. Fraser, 1952

                           Biddy, Great Expectations, 1947


Verity Pannell             Chorus, Dick Whittington, 1991


Veronica Browne            Mrs. Blackett, Careful Rapture, 1981


Veronica Joyce             Jane Williams, An Eagle In Chains, 1949


Veronica Wood              Prompt, Still Life, 1988


Vic Moss                   Gosforth, Gosforth’s Fete, 2016


Vic Pollard                Set Construction, Stage Crew, Pinocchio, 2017

                           Set Construction, Stage Crew,

                             The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice, 2014


Vicci Allen                Mrs. Pringle, Half Way Up The Wall, 1996


Vicki Bigden               Decor, Seven One Act Plays, 1981


Vicki Chapman              Assistant Stage Manager, Tom Jones, 1983

                           Chorus, Cinderella, 1981

                           Continuity, The Seashell, 1980


Vicki Wood                 Director, Set Design, My Fair Lady, 1999

                           Director, Noises Off, 1996

                           Director, Set Design, An Evening With Gary Lineker, 1996

                           Assistant Stage Manager, How The Other Half Loves, 1995

                           Ensemble, Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, 1995

                           Liz, Don't Blame It On The Boots, 1995

                           Publicity, Tom Jones, Mrs Walters, Jenny Waters,

                             Tom Jones, 1995

                           Continuity, Blood Brothers, 1994

                           Director, Set Design, Jack And The Beanstalk, 1993

                           Director, Curses, Foiled Again, 1993

                           Set Design, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, 1993

                           Director, The Odd Couple, 1993

                           Set Design, Bonaventure, 1993

                           Mrs. Shankland, Separate Tables, 1992

                           Assistant Stage Manager, Properties, Billy Liar, 1992

                           Director, The Murder Room, 1991

                           Hermia, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1991

                           Assistant Stage Manager, Three One Act Plays, 1991

                           Director, Dick Whittington, 1991

                           Joanna Lyppiatt, Present Laughter, 1990

                           Director, Set Design, Wait Until Dark, 1990

                           Assistant Stage Manager, Properties,

                             Two And Two Make Sex, 1989

                           Publisher, Director, Hans Anderson, 1989

                           Pauline Mole, The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, 1989

                           Continuity, Harvey, 1989

                           Marion, Absurd Person Singular, 1988

                           Therese, Therese Raquin, 1988

                           Mum, Still Life, 1988

                           Continuity, Babes In The Wood, 1987

                           Continuity, Quartermain’s Terms, 1987

                           Mady, God’s Favourite, 1986

                           Mrs. Dora Moxton (Moxie), Relative Values, 1985

                           Mum, A Ripple In The Rainbow, 1985

                           Continuity, The Importance Of Being Earnest, 1985

                           Ginnie, Outside Edge, 1984

                           Aladdin, Aladdin, 1984

                           Prompt, Children In Uniform, 1983

                           Margaret Kaye, Muck From Three Angles, 1983

                           Prompt, Toad Of Toad Hall, 1983

                           Jane Abbott, Time To Kill, 1982

                           Prince Charming, Cinderella, 1981

                           Sophie, The Sleeping Prince, 1981

                           Sophie, Ten Times Table, 1981

                           Mrs. Gilbert, The Browning Version, 1980

                           Rosemary, Mother Figure, 1980

                           Morgiana, Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, 1979

                           Jean Fenton, Don't Just Lie There, Say Something, 1979

                           Abigail Sarclet, Duet For Two Hands, 1979

                           Miss Haviour, The Form, 1979

                           Pieman, Chorus, Jack And The Beanstalk, 1977

                           Agnes, The Apollo De Belac, 1977

                           Anne Kelleway, Here We Come Gathering, 1976

                           2nd Young Woman, Sabrina Fair, 1976

                           Margot Hendricks, Person Unknown, 1976


Vickie Reynolds            Christine Harrison, Busybody, 1969


Vicky Carlson              Continuity, Before The Flood, 1985

                           Effects, Everything In The Garden, 1985


Victor Long                Charles Reese, A Clean Kill, 1962


Victor Orebi               David Rizzio,  Rizzio's Boots, 1953

                           David Paterson, The Holly And The Ivy, 1953


Victoria Bourne            Bam #1, Aladdin, 1984


Victoria Glowczynska       Card Gardener (Katy), Alice In Wonderland, 2013


Victoria Hampson           Assistant Choreographer, Moonshine To Stardust, 2009


Victoria Ogden             Lucy Rabbit, Toad Of Toad Hall, 1983


Victoria Storm             Hedda Tesman (Gabler), Hedda Gabler, 2021

                           Paulina, Death And The Maiden, 2019


Victoria Wood              Director, A Collier’s Tuesday Tea, 1989


Vince Neal                 Cassim, Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, 1995

                           Dr. Arthur Sewer, How Do You Like Your Stake?, 1994

                           Henry, Curses, Foiled Again, 1993


Vincent Joyce              Set Design, Tom Jones, 1983


Vinny Shepherd             Jeannie, The Challenge, 2021


Viv Hayman                 Jenny, Red Riding Hood, 1976

                           Jenny, Decor, Dick Whittington, 1975

                           Decor, Suddenly At Home, 1975

                           Decor, The Day After The Fair, 1975

                           Ruth Bechler, Suddenly At Home, 1975

                           Chorus, Sleeping Beauty, 1974

                           Decor, Spider’s Web, 1974

                           Rachel, The Captives, 1974


W. Patching                Chorister, Jubilee Concert, 1950


W. Watson                  Chorister, Jubilee Concert, 1950


Wayne De Strete            Fight Arranger, Far From The Madding Crowd, 2014


Wendy Dovey                Norma Hubley, Plaza Suite, 2001


Wendy Fayne                Voice Coach, Sinbad The Sailor, 2011

                           Piano, Sing On, 2009

                           Voice Coach, The Wind In The Willows, 2009

                           Voice Coach, Gel, 2008


Wendy Galleymore           Wardrobe, Alice In Wonderland, 2013

                           Wardrobe, Animal Farm, 2013

                           Wardrobe, Jerusalem, 2013

                           Wardrobe, Private Lives, 2013

                           Wardrobe, The History Boys, 2012

                           Wardrobe, Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2012

                           Wardrobe, Annie, 2011

                           Wardrobe, In Holland Stands A House, 2011

                           Wardrobe, Outside Edge, 2011

                           Wardrobe, Sinbad The Sailor, 2011

                           Wardrobe, The Miracle Worker, 2011


Wendy Gee                  Coiffeur, Robinson Crusoe, 1970


Wendy Holden               1st Strolling Player, Chorus, Babes In The Wood, 1987


Wendy Lindup               Hair, Make Up, The Witches, 2006


Wendy Packham              Extra, Quality Street, 1979


Wesley Wright              Tom Tredinnick, Golden Harvest, 1951


W Sussex College Of Art    Decor, Billy Liar, 1966


Will Hackett               Reginald Harris, After Magritte, 2007

                           Private Investigator, Work In Progress, 2007

                           Cliff Lewis, Look Back In Anger, 2006


Will Jamieson              Sound, Annie, 2011

                           Sound, In Holland Stands A House, 2011

                           Sound, Just For Laughs, 2011

                           Sound, Outside Edge, 2011

                           Sound Effects, Sinbad The Sailor, 2011

                           Sound Design, Sound The Miracle Worker, 2011


William Maher              Groomsman, Six Of Calais, 1949


William McDonald           Ensemble, Just For Laughs - Again, 2014


Winifred Heselden          Countess Kernitz, Properties, Children In Uniform, 1983


Winifred Marshall          Continuity, The White Sheep Of The Family, 1981

                           Producer, Wife Required, 1980

                           Continuity, A Shot In The Dark, 1980

                           Zaida, Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, 1979

                           Continuity, Don't Just Lie There, Say Something, 1979

                           Continuity, Duet For Two Hands, 1979

                           Properties, The Glass Menagerie, 1979

                           Continuity, The Heiress, 1979

                           A Visitor, Stage Manager, Come Blow Your Horn, 1979

                           Mrs Beauclerk, Corinth House, 1977

                           Dame Durden, Jack And The Beanstalk, 1977

                           Wardrobe, See How They Run, 1977

                           Olive Harriet-Smythe, Move Over Mrs. Markham, 1977

                           Continuity, Here We Come Gathering, 1976

                           The Dowager Fairy Dutiful, Red Riding Hood, 1976

                           Tutti (Ugly Sister), Cinderella, 1971

                           Ella, As Black As She’s Painted, 1970

                           Stage Manager, Relatively Speaking, 1970

                           Cannibal Queen, Fisherfolk, Sailor,

                             Robinson Crusoe, 1970

                           Lady Eynsford-Hill, Pygmalion, 1969

                           Properties, Farewell, Farewell Eugene, 1968

                           Lady Caroline Smith, The Chiltern Hundreds, 1968


Woody Mehmet               Sound Operator, The Witches, 2006


Yvonne Carpenter           Miss Tanner, Separate Tables, 1958

                           A Visitor, The Whole Truth, 1957

                           Frankie, George And Margaret, 1956

                           Stage Manager, On Monday Next, 1956

                           Sound Effects, Our Town, 1954

                           Phillipa Loxfield, They Came To A City, 1953

                           Extra, A Star Steps In, 1952


Yvonne Fair                Patsy, Easy Stages, 2016

                           Ginnie, Outside Edge, 2011

                           Mrs Hawk-Monitor, Cold Comfort Farm, 2010

                           Ensemble, Moonshine To Stardust, 2009


Zara Green                 Adult Chorus, Cinderella, 2018

                           Youngster, Dick Whittington, 2015


Zara Spanton               Stage Crew, Illustration,

                             Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, 2009

                           Deputy Stage Manager, Someone To Watch Over Me, 2008

                           Deputy Stage Manager, Variety Show, 2008


Zarrina Danaeva            Lucie Manette, A Tale of Two Cities, 2023

                           Maria, The Mayor's Daughter, The Government Inspector, 2023

                           Rosebud, The Sleeping Beauty, 2022/23


Zoe Barnard                Katie, Random Moments In A May Garden, 1984


Zoë Edden                  Violet Bradman, Blithe Spirit, 2021

Pinhead, Ensemble, The Elephant Man, 2020

                           Gill, Easy Stages, 2016


Zoe Parkinson              Kids Team 2, Cinderella, 2018


Zoe Saunders               Liddy Smallbury, Far From The Madding Crowd, 2014

                           LV, The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice, 2014

                           Ensemble, Just For Laughs - Again, 2014

                           Pea, Jerusalem, 2013

                           Dorothy Brown, Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2012

                           Star To Be, Boylan Sister, Ensemble, Annie, 2011


Zoe Woolgar                Dancer, Cinderella, 2003

                           Acrobat, Tales Of The Arabian Nights, 2001

                           Tornado, YB Road, The Wiz, 2000

                           Colin, When Saturday Comes, 1999

                           Dancer, Pandemonium, 1999

                           Mrs. Haig, Stuck, 1999

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