by Anne Morris and Jacqui Heath

directed by

Dave Stenning & Kate Peltzer-Morris


2 – 9 January 1999

Des Young as Tinkerbell

Ron Common as Captain Hook

Murray Hall as Smee

Louise Yeo as Peter Pan

Andrew Trewin as Gertrud

Annette Flavin as Devilish Toad

Kate Peltzer-Morris as Cinderella

Stuart Frith as Snowy, the Cat

Roland Ham-Rich as Sonders

Maggie Hall as Ma Woz

Michael Barrett as Wizard of Woz

Andy Stoner as Genie

Dave Stenning as Guardian Angel, Wayne the Builder, Voice of the Boss



          Anna Brooks, Georgiana Harvey, Chloe Hooton, Sarah Knight

          Luke Chatterton, Tahlia Hitchcock, Daniel Jones, Melissa Pover


The Lost Children:

          Jenny Burtenshaw, Sally Diver, Alison Millam, Sharon Watts

          Kristy Coppendale, Suzanne Green, Jackie Oldridge, Nina Yeo



          Jo Benson, Stacy Dunk, Sarah Fulton, Sarah Griffiths,

          Amy Kimber, Natasha Logan, Rebecca Watts, Zoe Woolgar

Directed by: Dave Stenning & Kate Peltzer-Morris

Musical Director: Anyone who could hold a note (even a sick note!)

Choreographer: Sharon Watts

Wardrobe: Nina Yeo

Properties: Dave Stenning, Andy Stoner

Make Up: Lucy Hall

Stage Manager: Ian Bishop

Assistant Stage Manager: Lee Pryor

Backstage Team: Ben Green, Mark Brownsey-Joyce

Lighting Technicians: Brian Grover, Mike Medway

Sound Technician: Simon Snelling

Lighting & Sound Team: Trevor Langley, Mike Medway,

          Ralph Dawes, Sally Diver

Decor: Bob Layzell

Workshop Team: Roger Howorth, Dave Yarlett, Les Ogden,

          Denis Yeo, Des Young, Paul Watts, Ben Green,

          Murray Hall, Mark Brownsey-Joyce

Front of House Manager: Les Ogden

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council