One Act Plays 2016



An Evening Of One Act Plays



by Philip Ridley


Easy Stages

by Nick Warburton


Gosforth's Fête

by Alan Ayckbourn


2 - 4 June 2016

Jake: Felix Sheridan

Polly: Leah Caplan

Natasha: Bethany Caplan

Carol: Rebecca Hain

Russell: Louis Johnson

Buzz: Luke Fleming

Speed: Luke Madill

Shane: Daniel Smith

Finn: Ian Churchill


Easy Stages:
Gerry: Louise Yeo

Alice: Amy Bowyer

Patsy: Yvonne Fair

Martin: Gary Sommerford

Gill: Zoe Edden

Sid: Nigel Bubloz

Kate: Carol Hatton


Gosforth's Fête:

Gosforth: Vic Moss

Mrs. Pearce: Sharon Churchill

Milly: Terri Geal

Stewart: Dan Smith

The Vicar: Ron Common

Director (Sparkleshark): Sally Diver

          assisted by Ian Churchill

Director (Easy Stages): Helen Armes

          assisted by Kate Armes

Director (Gosforth’s Fête): Sarah Papouis

          assisted by Judi Campbell

Producer: Ron Common

Stage Manager: Rachel Johnson

Deputy Stage Manager: Ian Churchill

Stage Crew: Simon Armes, Helen Armes, Ron Common

          H Reeves

Set Designer: Martin Oakley

Properties: Debbie Creissen, Di Tidzer

Set Dressing: Debbie Creissen, Di Tidzer

Rehearsal Prompts: Kate Armes (Easy Stages),

          Mandy Reeves (Gosforth's Fete)

Lighting Designer: Martin Oakley

Lighting Operator: Martin Oakley

Sound Designer: Kieran Pollard, Ron Common

Sound Operator: Anita Jones

Wardrobe Manager: Milla Hills

Chaperones: Janet White & Julie Caplan

Poster, Programme and Publicity: Gary Cook

Publicity Team: Mandy Reeves, Martin Oakley, Sharon Churchill,

          Paul Watts, Sally Diver, Anita Jones

Promotional & Show Photography: Miles Davies

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council