On The Razzle



On The Razzle

by Tom Stoppard

directed by Bob Ryder


A Joint Production Between
The Southwick Players and

The Wick Theatre Company


24 - 26 and 30 September and 1 - 3 October 1998

David Creedler as Zangler

Joan Bearman as Gertrud

Roland Ham-Rich as Sonders

Kati Szeless as Marie

Ron Common as Belgian

John Garland as Melchior

Derek Fraser as Hupfer

Phil Balding as Weinberl

Judith Berrill as Christopher

Sharon Watts, Vanessa Strong as Lightning

Jenny Burtenshaw as Phillippine

Maggie Hall as Madame Knorr

Margaret Faggetter as Frau Fischer

Waiters: Ron Common, Derek Fraser, Liam Whitfield, Daniel Jones

Roger Howorth as Coachman

Jenny Burtenshaw, Liam Whitfield as German couple

Joan Bearman, Ron Common as Scottish couple

Liam Whitfield as Constable

Jan King as Fraulein Blumenblatt

Suzanne Green as Lisette

Daniel Jones as Ragamuffin

Directed by: Bob Ryder

Company Producers: Gerry Lane, Betty Dawes

Stage Manager: Des Young

A.S.Ms: David Comber, Dave Collis

Lighting Producer: Trevor Langley

Sound Producer: Greg Starns

Lighting & Sound Team: Trevor Langley, Mike Medway,

          Ralph Dawes, Sally Diver

Set Construction & Stage Crew: Roger Howorth, Brian Box,

          Mike Davy, Paul Watts, Les Ogden, Paul Strong,

          Ralph Dawes, David Comber, Dave Collis, Dave Yarlett

Set Painting: Frances Thorne, Sheila Neesham, Smudge Roberts

Properties: Sue Whitaker, Margaret Davy

Costume Managers: Judith Berrill, Margaret Faggetter,

          Adrian Kenwood

Rehearsal Prompts: Jean Porter, Patrick Johnson

Front of House Managers: Brian Moulton, Mark Flower

Press & Publicity:  Rosemary Bouchy, Rosemary Brown,

          Anna Barden

Design & Graphics: Judith Berrill

Box Office: Margaret Murrell & the Barn Team

Budget Managers: Ralph Dawes, Margaret Ogden

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council