Just For Laughs



Just For Laughs

Directed by H Reeves

June 23 - 25 2011

Jamie Collins

Matt Grant

Ron Common

Frank Horsley

H Reeves

Sharon Churchill

David Otway

Rob Harber

Jean Clark

Glenda Gandy

Mick Couzins

Steve Little

Amy White

Candy White

Pete Plumb

Chrissie Blount

Ian Churchill

Sarah Fulton

Ben Cassan

Sarah Milner

Richard Durrant

Anita Shipton

Tom Faulkner

Sally Diver

Director: H Reeves

Producers: Sally Diver, Ian Churchill

Choreography: Sally Diver

Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Deputy Stage Manager: Ian Churchill

Lighting: Martin Oakley

Sound: Will Jamieson, Michael Eyers

Set Construction: Nigel Bubloz, Martin Oakley, David Otway

Publicity: Sally Diver, Anita Jones, Paul Watts, Candy White,

          Sharon Churchill, Michael Eyers, Amanda Solomon

Photography: Miles Davies

Front Of House: Hilary Smith & Team

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council