Goodnight Mr Tom



Goodnight Mister Tom

by David Wood

directed by Ron Common and Sarah Papouis

13-16 September 2017

Harry Atkinson: Tom Oakley

Henry Andrews: William

Thomas Scott: Zach

Jenny Burtenshaw: Sammy

Dixie Humberstone-Ford: Carrie

Ruby Houghton: Ginnie

Louis Johnson: George

Louise Yeo: Mrs. Beech

Liz Gibson: Billeting Officer, Dr. Little

Sharon Churchill: Mrs. Fletcher, Gladys, Social Worker

H Reeves: Mr. Stelton, Charlie Ruddles, Vicar

Nikki Dunsford: Miss Thorne, Sister

Amy Bowyer: Annie Hartridge, Ticket Collector

Jamie Cranfield: David Hartridge, Policeman

Mark Caplan: Mr. Miller, ARP Warden

Nina Hayward: Miss Miller, Nurse

Brooke Lewis: Ensemble, Puppeteer

Lucy Scott: Ensemble

Olivia Harrison: Ensemble, Puppeteer

Rebecca Hain: Ensemble

Director: Ron Common

Assistant Director: Sarah Papouis

Producer: Nigel Bubloz

Stage Manager: Pete Dilloway

Deputy Stage Manager: Ian Churchill

Assistant Stage Manager: Jo Hall

Stage Crew: Simon Armes, Gary Sommerford

Set Design: Len Shipton, Ron Common

Lighting Design: Beverley Grover

Sound Design (Effects)/lighting operator: Martin Oakley

Sound Design (Show)/sound operator: Jeff Woodford

Properties: Sharon Shurchill, Ian Churchill, Rachel Johnson

Costumes: Margaret Skeet, Milla Hills

Rehearsal Continuity: Amanda Reeves

Voice Coach: Judi Campbell

Musical Coach: Michael James

Set D├ęcor: Bob Layzell

Set Construction: Len Shipton, Dean Common, Anita Jones, Martin Oakley, Ron Lainchbury, David Otway, Gary Ruell

Programme & Ad Design: Gary Cook

Publicity: Gary Cook, Amanda Reeves (press), Martin Oakley, Sharon Churchill, Sally Diver, Anita Jones

Photography: Miles Davies

Child Licensing: Anita Jones

Chaperones: Janet White (Head Chaperone), Steve Emery,Nicki Popkiewicz-Smith, Sam Merrick, Mel Johnson, Sally Scott, Billie Houghton, Wendy Dunn and Karen Hartfield with Amy Bowyer and Sarah Papouis for rehearsals

Front of House: Hilary Smith & Team

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council