Dick Whittington



Dick Whittington

by Peter Gullen

directed by Vicki Wood


4 - 12 February 1991

Ian Bishop as Idle Jack

Miranda Bowen as Jill

Maxine English as Alice Fitzwarren

Mark Lester as Arnold Philthy-Rich

Des Young as Felicity Flan

Paula Dalton as Dick Whittington

Jayne Field as Puss

Harry Atkinson as Alderman Fitzwarren

Liz Gibson as Lady Philthy-Rich

Martin Cramp as Herb Aceous

Stan Jones as King Rat

Maggie Hall as Fairy Bowbells

Les Ogden as Captain Black

Brian Gill as Lord Chamberlain

Gary Sommerford as Emperor of Umbobo



          Lorraine Browning, Glenwys Jones, Verity Pannell,

          Karen Willcock, Harry Berlanga, Martin Cramp, Brian Gill,

          Murray Hall, Darren Simons, Gary Sommerford



          Members of the Downsway Ballet School,

          under the direction of Josephine Ivory


Musical Accompaniment:

          Daphne Thornton (piano), Ernie Hills (percussion)


Director: Vicki Wood

Producer: Peter Gullen

Musical Director: Daphne Thornton

Choreography: Nina McGhie

Stage Manager: Paul Brand

Wardrobe: Margaret Hilchey

Set Construction: Les Ogden, Dave Yarlett

Decor: Miranda Bowen, Graham Knapman, Carolyn Wren

Properties: Ninka Willcock, Nicola Saunders

Lighting: Patrick Roberts

Sound Effects: Alison Cattell

Continuity: Brenda Sandell, Beryl Wicks

Front of House Managers: Muriel Press, Margaret Murrell

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council