by Norman Robbins
directed by Amanda Reeves and Amy Bowyer

29 December 2018 - 5 January 2019

Cinderella - Poppy Hall

Prince Charming - Jessica Lunn

Dandini - Phoebe Cook

Buttons - Dave Eccleshall

Ammer - Ron Common

Tongs - Mark Eccleshall

Asphyxia - Ian Bishop

Euthanasia - H. Reeves

Baron Hardupp - Frank Horsley

Baroness Hardupp - Liz Gibson

Fairy Godmother -

    Suzanne Green

Major Domo - Brian Cowles

Old Lady in the Woods -

    Caroline Eccleshall

Dog Puppeteer -

    Bonny Hazelwood


Adult Chorus:

    Su Galleymore

    Sally Diver

    Amanda Ettridge

    Sam Harrington-Lowe

    Zara Green

    Louis Johnson

    David Aitchison



Teens Team:

    Olivia Harrison

    Rebecca Hain

    Dixie Humberstone-Ford

    Elodie Danzelman

    Maddison Kesteven-Terry

    Ruby Slark

    Brooke Lewis


Team 1:

    Caspar Payne

    Daisy Sinden

    Grace Spottiswoode

    Mia Norsworthy

    Savannah Finn

    Nayomi Atkinson

    Katie Cobden

    Grace Davies


Team 2:

    Rory Hosker

    Millie-May Gates

    Macie Homewood

    Lianna Broadbery

    Sienna Allen

    Zoe Parkinson

    Iris Parkinson

    Arlo Giles-Buabasah

Director: Amanda Reeves and Amy Bowyer

Choreographer: Amy Bowyer
Musical Director, Sound Design: Ella Turk-Thompson
Producer: Sally Diver

Stage Manager: Pete Dilloway

Deputy Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz
Choreography Assistants: Angie Bowyer, Su Galleymore

Set Design: Len Shipton

Lighting Design: Beverley Grover

Lighting Assistant: Martin Oakley

Sound Assistant: Jeff Woodford
Wardrobe: Louise Yeo, Kate Armes, Milla Hills, Nina Yeo
     and the cast

Properties: Jo Hall, Anita Jones
Make Up: Chris Horlock

Rehearsal Prompt: Sue Gullen

Set Construction / Crew: Simon Armes, Nigel Bubloz,

     Dean Common, Pete Dilloway, Ben Green, Ron Lainchbury,

     Martin Oakley, David Otway, Gary Ruell, Len Shipton,

     Gary Sommerford, Andy Viney, Sarah Wills

Set Painting: Bob Layzell
Programme and Advertising Design: Gary Cook

Publicity: Nigel Bubloz, Gary Cook, Amanda Reeves (Press),

     Charley Roberts (Social Media)

Photography: Miles Davies

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council