by Peter Gullen

directed by Roger Howorth


9 - 17 January 1997

Jenny Burtenshaw as Dandini

Ben Green as Worthless

Louise Yeo as Hopeless

Katie Keen as Useless

Peter Gullen as Gerry Attric

Gerry Lane as Baron Hardup

Ron Common as Buttons

Su Fowler as Cinderella

Maggie Hall as Baroness Hardup

Des Young as Tuttie

Les Ogden as Fruitie

Suzanne Collard as Prince Charming

Den Yeo as Lord Chamberlain

Mike Barrett as King Magnus

Nina Yeo as  Queen Dorothy

Alison Millham as Princess Julia

Glenwys Jones as Fairy Godmother

Rachel Davies, Katrina Gilday as First Page

Chalene Short, Katie Brooker as Second Page

Meredith Kenwood, Mandy Dunk as Lady in Waiting 1

Lucy Chapman, Carley Moss as Lady in Waiting 2

Lucy Dray, Alexandra Farrell as Rabbit

Georgina Harvey as Maid

Rebecca Watts as Fox


Chorus: Stacy Croucher, Luke Chatterton, Sofia Edwards,

          Lindsey Peters, Ashley Sherman, Lindsey Kite,

          Nicola Kite, Jacqui Gilday, Patricia Gilday,

          Petra McThredder, Stuart Frith, Amy McGann,

          Cecilia Byne, Mark Boucher, Jennifer Kite, Sarah Jackson,

          Holly Lawrance, Lucy James, Clare Jackson,

          Martin Metcalfe


Dancers: Carla Porter, Hannah Strong, Rebecca Watts,

          Lucy Dray, Daiel Jones, Leanne Jones, Natasha Logan,

          Sarah Fulton, Courtney Amy Jones, Katie Strong,

          Charlotte Crickman

Director: Roger Howorth

Producer: Peter Gullen

Stage Manager: Andy Kite

Lighting: Mike Medway

Sound: Ben Wrightman

Keyboards: Angie Jackson

Choreographer: Sharon Watts

Wardrobe: Nina Yeo, Maggie Hilchey, Pat Moss

Set Construction: Les Ogden, Den Yeo, Gerry Lane,

          Des Young, Ben Green

Painting: Bob Layzell

Backstage Crew: Paul Watts, John Dray, John Lander

Publicity: Mike Medway

Front of House: Jane Denyer and Team

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council