Bugsy Malone



Bugsy Malone

by Alan Parker

Words & Music by Paul Williams

directed by Des Young, David Stenning


(performed on the Auditorium Floor)


? September 1997

Luke Chatterton as Bugsy Malone

Louise Yeo as Blousey Brown

Stuart Frith as Fat Sam

Holly Lawrence as Tallulah

Daniel Jones as Dandy Dan

Lucy Hall as Fizzy

Clare Jackson as Captain Smolsky

Lindsey Peters as O’Dreary

Mandy Dunk as Leroy Smith

Erin McHugh as Louella

Katie Strong as Lena Marelli


Fat Sam’s Gang:

Debbie Miller as Knuckles

Georgina Harvey as Ritzy

John Kidd as Angelo

Natasha Logan as Louis

Nicola Kite as Snake Eyes


Dandy Dan’s Gang:

Lindsay Kite as Benny Lee

Shona Carter as Bronx Charlie

Katie Brooker as Doodle

Amy McGann as Laughing Boy

Meredith Kenward as Shoulders

Kelly Groves as Yonkers


Fat Sam’s Showgirls:

Charlotte Eaton as Bangles

Charlene Short as Dotty

Stacey Croucher as Loretta

Carley Moss as Tillie

Sarah Fulton as Velma



Natasha Logan, Sarah Fulton,

Amy Kimber, Carla Porter,

Stacy Dunk, Jo Benson,

Hannah Strong, Gemma Logan

Other Characters:

Emma Flack as Roxy Robinson

Petra McThredder as Violinist

Reece Doherty as Flash Frankie

Craig Cottingham as Barber

Sarah Jackson as Pop Becker

Katie Strong as Paper Boy

Emma Flack as Radio Announcer

Rebecca Morris as Waitress

Charlotte Eaton as English Reporter

Rebecca Watts as Foreign Reporter 1

Ashley Sherman as Foreign Reporter 2

Hannah Strong as Cellist

Cecilia Byrne as Butler

Hannah Strong as Opera Singer

Sarah Jackson as Oscar de Velt

Sarah Jackson as Marbini

Alexander Farrel as Dummy

Rebecca Watts as Harmonica Player

Georgiana Harvey as Actor

Rebecca Watts as Harp Player

Charlotte Crickman as Tap Dancer

Bekki Docherty as Sound Man

Tiffany Lawrence as Press Man

Sarah Jackson as Shady

Sarah Jackson as Waiter

Reece Doherty as Looney Bergonzi

Charlotte Eaton as Cagey Joe

Ashly Sherman as Pickett

Rachel Davies as Joe, the Barman

Rebecca Watts as Babyface

Lucy Perry-Chapman as

          Seymour Scoop

John Kidd, Georgiana Harvey,

          Katie Brooker as Guards



Charlotte Crickmore, Bekki Docherty, Jo Edwards

Directed by: Des Young, David Stenning

Stage Manager: Gerry Lane

Lighting: Roger Howorth

Musical Director: Judith Krasner

Choreographer: Sharon Watts

Voice Coach: Maggie Hall

Assistant Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Sound: Jenny Burtenshaw

Set Construction: Des Young, Les Ogden, Roger Howorth,

          Den Yeo, Gerry Lane

Set Decor: Bob Layzell

Car built by: Dennis Yeo

Properties: Judy Stringer, Jan Kite

Costumes: Nina Yeo

Backstage Crew: Gerry Lane, Paul Watts, Ben Green,

          Andy Kite, Den Yeo



Judith Krasner (piano)

Les Ogden (drums)

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council