Ben Hur



Ben Hur

by Patrick Barlow
directed by Ron Common

5 June - 8 June 2019

Jon Terry

     Daniel Veil, Melchior, Judah Ben Hur
Louise Yeo

     Crystal Singer, Tirzah, Esther,

     Mary, Catalinya, Naboth
Giles Newlyn-Bowmer

     Omar Lord, Messala, Jesus, Valentino,

     Nubian Dancer
H Reeves

     Edgar T. Chesterfield, Sara, Quintus Arrius
Amy Bowyer

     Freda Worlde, Gabriel, Centurion, Ancient Slave,

     Roman Captain, Mrs Pilate
Sharon Churchill

     Penny Tew, Balthasar, Galley Captain, Nubian Dancer
Tim Ingram

     Olyver Point, General Lew Wallace, Caspar,

     Slave Driver, Nubian Dancer, Pontius Pilate

Director: Ron Common

Assistant to Director: Nina Yeo

Producer: Amy Bowyer

DSM: Nigel Bubloz

Stage Manager: Jo Hall

Rehearsal Prompt: Mandy Reeves

Wardrobe: Milla Hills

Choreography: Amy Bowyer

Properties: Kate Armes, Liz Slough,

    Ron Common, the cast

Lighting Designer: Martin Oakley

Lighting Operator: Aiden Miles, Martin Oakley
Original Music Composed by: Mark Eccleshall
Sound Designer & Operator: Jeff Woodford

Stage Crew: Sarah Papouis, Simon Armes,

    Dean Common, Gary Sommerford, Liz Slough

Programme & Advertising Design: Gary Cook

Publicity: Sarah Papouis, Mandy Reeves, Gary Cook

Photography: Miles Davies
Set Design: Brian Jones, Ron Common
Set Painting: Bob Layzell

Workshop Team: Len Shipton, Dave Otway, Gary Ruell,

    Ron Lainchbury, Dean Common, Brian Jones,
    Nigel Bubloz, Martin Oakley

Front of House: Hilary Smith and Team

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council