Animal Farm



Animal Farm
by George Orwell

Adapted by Ian Wooldridge

directed by Tony Bright

September 25 - 28 2013

Hen: Anita Shipton

Muriel / Pilkington:

          Annette Sheridan

Storyteller 1: Beren Panton

Storyteller 2: Cameron Kinross

Mollie: Billie Trubridge

Minimus: Bonny Hazelwood

Clover: Candy White

The Farmer: David Otway

Benjamin: Debbie Creissen

Young Animal: Freya Sheridan

Napoleon: Geoff Marshall

Snowball: Jenny Burtenshaw

Boxer: Matt Grant


Pigeon: Milla Hills

Moses: Nick Simon

Squealer: Ron Common


Various Animals:

Amy Whittington

Georgia Harrison

Phoebe Cook

Jodie Constable

Katherine Collins

Sophie Kinross

Katie Hills

Natalia Glowczynska-Ananias

Megan Quinn-Gillam

Director: Tony Bright

Producer: Ian Churchill

Assistant Producer/Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Deputy Stage Manager: Ian Churchill

Assistant Stage Manager: Andy Viney

Lighting Design: Gabriel Phillips-Sanchez (GPS Lighting)

Lighting Operation: Marc Woollard

Sound Design / Operation: Rhys Skilling

Music Compilation: Martin Oakley

Set Design: Len Shipton

Set Construction / Crew: Len Shipton, Ron Lainchbury,

          Gary Ruell, Nigel Bubloz, David Otway, Simon Armes,

          Dean Common, Adam Woollard

Scenic Painter: Bob Layzell

Costumes: Wendy Galleymore and The Cast

Hair and Make Up: Sharon Churchill

Properties: Di Tidzer, Anita Shipton, Milla Hills

Chaperones: Janet White, Jean Clark, Cathy Lovejoy

Front Of House: Hilary Smith and Team

Poster/Programme Design: Martin Oakley

Publicity: Sally Diver, Anita Jones, Michael Eyers, Paul Watts,

          Candy White, Sharon Churchill

Photography: Miles Davies

Poster Model: Felix Sheridan

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council