And This Was Odd



And This Was Odd

by Kenneth Horne


7-11 December 1958

John Deall as Morton

Muriel Press as Nurse Jones

Doreen Atkinson as Julia Kemp

Ivy Oborne as Jane Simmons

John Taylor as Frank Kemp

Simone King as Margot Kemp

Anthony Orman as Sam Potts

Peggy Deall as Mrs. Simmons

Kay Russell as Lady Wilson

Producer: Doreen Kingsnorth

Stage Manager: Roy Twine

Lighting: Ralph Sharp

Wardrobe: Joan Andrew, Mary Hood

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Decor: Jon Peaty

Properties: Venetia Baker, Pat Groves

House Manager: Edward Hood, Edmund Andrew

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council