Four One-Act Plays



Four One-Act Plays


Ma Vatch

by T.B. Morris

2nd place in the Brighton, Hove and District Festival of

          Community Drama.

Reached the divisional final of the British Drama League Festival

          (17th April, 1950)


Jubilee Concert

by E. Eynon Evans

Winner of the afternoon session in the Brighton,

          Hove and District Festival of Community Drama,

          Dorset Hall Gardens, 18th March, 1050



by Ethel Baker


Time Out Of Joint

by Gerard McLarnon


Venue: St. Barnabus Hall, Hove


30-31 March and 1st April 1950

Ma Vatch

Peggy Deall as Ma Vatch

Denis Lelliott as Jake Bilton

Jeanne Duly as Alice

Iris Page as Dora Smith

Noel Moloney as Johnny Vatch


Jubilee Concert

Leslie Brice as Dave Davies

Robert Watterton as Billy Sparrow

Adrian Wilson as Joe Bailey

Edmund Andrew as Morgan Price

Beryl Binstead as Mary Ann

Tony Caunter as Jackie

Choristers: James Stannard, W. Patching, A. Clarke,

          L.H. Judge, Charles Stuart, W. Watson



Anna Petit as Grandmother

Lilian Wass as Martha

Cynthia Wass as Peg

Philip Browning as Johnnie

Jack Wingfield as Prince Agasicles Syennesis


Time Out Of Joint

Leonard White as Mr. Antrim (voice off-stage)

Pat Rogers as Sister Bernadette

Ivy Osborne as Sister Paul

Gladys Bignall as Sister Annunciata

Joyce Cook as Sister Gabriella

Alice Brice as Sister Agatha

June Sutherland as Kitty Cummerford

Elizabeth Chatterton as The Reverend Mother

Kenneth White as Patsy Kerrigan

Peter Elder as Ghost of Hamlet’s Father

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Lighting: Fred Patching

Costumes designed by: Althea Martin

Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Clare


Ma Vatch

Producer: John Deall

Stage Manager: Diane Hack


Jubilee Concert

Producer: John Peaty

Stage Manager: Phyl Tester



Producer: Charles Walker

Stage Manager: Phyl Tester


Time Out Of Joint

Producer: Molly Penney

Stage Manager: Betty Carpenter

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council