Waiting In The Wings



Waiting In The Wings

by Noël Coward


13-17 October 1964

Eileen Banfield as Bonita Belgrave

Joy Wilson as Cora Clarke

Sheila Wright as Maud Melrose

Kay Russell as May Davenport

Ivy Oborne as Almina Clare

Sylvia Smithers as Estelle Craven

Doreen Atkinson as Deidre O’Malley

Maurice Pound as Perry Lascoe

Gladys Bignell as Sylvia Archibald

Jack Marshall as Mr. Osgood Meeker

Venetia Baker as Lotta Bainbridge

Brenda Ettridge as Doreen

Ena Collis as Sarita Myrtle

Muriel Press as Zelda Fenwick

George Baker as Dr. Jevons

John King as Alan Bennet

Ethel Barrs as Topsy Baskerville

Producer: Edward Hood

Stage Manager: Harold Scrase

Assistant Stage Manager: Edmund Andrew

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Properties: Ruby Banister, Phyllis Beard, Doreen Fussell

Ladies’ Wardrobe: Iris Chatfield

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Front of House Manager: Roy Twine

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