Two And Two Make Sex



Two And Two Make Sex

by Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon


12 - 16 September 1989

Richard Pincott as George

Norma Waring as Clare

Michael Saunders as Nick

Nichola Cox as Jane

Joy Gaysler as Ruth

Tony Jolly  as Jack

Director: Paddy Hartley

Stage Manager: Brian Gill

Assistant Stage Manager: Vicki Wood

Properties: Vicki Wood, Paul Brand

Prompt: Beryl Wicks

Lighting: Barn Team

Sound: Alison Cattell

Costumes: Margaret Hilchey

Scenery: Dave Yarlett, Les Ogden, Paul Brand, Brian Gill,

          Reg Heselden, Stan Jones, Bill Longmuir

Decor: Graham Knapman


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