Tom Jones



Tom Jones

by Joan Macalpine

based on the novel by Henry Fielding


A joint production between The Southwick Players and Wick Theatre Company


June / July ? 1983



David Stenning  as Tom Jones

Alan Upton as Squire Allworthy

Leslie Maxim as Bridget Allworthy

Ralph Dawes as Thwackum

Derek Fines as Blifil

Ken Mandel as Squire Western

Hilary Wiltshire as Molly Seagrim

Lucy Mandel as Sophia Western

Frank Child as George Seagrim

Bob Ettridge as Doctor

Sally Bacon as Honour

Mo Joyce as Susan

Vikki Wood as Mrs Walters

Miranda Bowen as Mrs Fitzpatrick

Sharon Francis & Cathy Baker as Betty

Neil Shephard as Captain Fitzpatrick

Gerry Wicks as Lord Fellamar

Frank Semus as Constable

Frank Child as 1st Bystander

Philip Watkins as 2nd Bystander

Sheila Wright as Woman with a basket

Jim Biggs as Andrews

Tony Jolly as Allworthy’s Servant

John King as Executioner

Peter Gullen as Priest

          Tanya Mandel, Rosalind Fenton,
          Alexander Wiltshire, Lara Bowen


Directed by: Christopher Kenneford

Producer: Barrie Bowen

Designer: Vincent Joyce

Harpsichord: John Collins

Stage Manager: Frances Thorne

Costumes: Pat Moss

Lighting Design: Edward Keith

Lighting Technicians: Frank Hurrell, Jonathan Dawes,

          Ralph Sharp, Bob Baker, Tony Wright

Construction: ‘Mac’ McIntosh & Workshop Team

Assistant Stage Managers: Margaret Butler, Vicki Chapman

Properties: Cathy Baker, Leslie Maxim, Carol Upperton

Publicity: Vikki Wood, Ronald Cheeseman,

          Peter Joyce, Jill Redman

Front of House: John Deall, Betty Dawes

Box Office: Jane Denyer


              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council