Therese Raquin



Therese Raquin

by Leslie Sands

adapted from the novel by Emile Zola


12 - 16 April 1988

Vicki Wood as Therese

Brian Gill as Laurent

Paddy Hartley as Madame Raquin

Derek Fines as Camille

Ronald Cheesman as Grivet

Douglas Tucker as Michaud

Producer: Peter Gullen

Stage Manager: Les Ogden

Properties: Miranda Bowen, Gill Chapman, Jayne Field

Wardrobe: Maureen Boath

Wardrobe Assistant: Margaret Hilchey

Costumes by: Theatre Costumes Southwick

Furniture by: J. Powell (Hove) Ltd.

Lighting: Patrick Roberts, Jamie Boath

Continuity: Beryl Wicks

Decor: Graham Knapman

Set Design: Peter Gullen

Set Construction: Dave Yarlett, & the Workshop Team

Poster & Programme Design: Miranda Bowen

Box Office: Jane Denyer & the Box Office Team

Front of House Manager: Win Heselden

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