The Wiz



The Wiz

Adapted from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum

Book by William S. Brown

Music and Lyrics by Charley Smalls

directed by Frances Moulton


19 - 22 July 2000

Maggie Hall as Aunt Em

Lisa Pope as Toto

Katie Rose Strong as Dorothy

Des Young as Uncle Henry

Georgiana Harvey as Addaperle

Rebecca Watts as Scarecrow

Amy Kimber as Tin Man

Daniel Jones as Lion

Rose Blann as Gatekeeper

Stuart Frith as The Wiz

Hannah Strong as Evilene

Abigail Mendoza as Lord High Underling

Sarah Jackson as Messenger

Helen Wighton as Chief Monkey

Sarah Knight as Glinda

Chorus: Helen Armes, Lea Thompson, Sarah Jackson

Tornado: Sarah Knight, Zoe Woolgar, Mel Smart,

          Helen Wighton, Katy Kimber

Munchkins: Leanne Jones, Rachel McFarlane, Courtney Collins,

          Emily McFarlane, Melissa Povey, Holly Morris

Crows: Leah Thompson, Sarah Jackson,

          Abigail Mendoza, Lauren Earley

Yellow Brick Road: Zoe Woolgar, Hannah Strong,

          Helen Wighton, Mel Smart

Jitterbugs: Rose Blann, Lauren Earley, Helen Armes,

          Lea Thompson, Abigail Mendoza, Sarah Jackson

Poppies: Courtney Collins, Leanne Jones, Jessica Clarke,

          Holly Morris, Melissa Povey

Directed by: Frances Moulton

Assistant Director & Choreographer: Sharon Watts

Musical Production Team: Angie Jackson,

          Simon Snelling, Les Ogden

Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Assisted by: Des Young, Dave Yarlett, Mark Brownsey-Joyce

Costumes: Parents

Principal Costumes: Pat Moss Theatre Costumes

Lighting: Mike Medway

Sound: Simon Snelling

Prompt: Sue Bolton

Set Artwork: Bob Layzell, Maggie Yarlett

Set Design & Construction: Dave Yarlett

Set Construction Team: Les Ogden, Simon Snelling, Paul Watts,

          Mark Brownsey-Joyce, Chris Brownsey-Joyce



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