The Witches



The Witches

by Roald Dahl adapted by David Wood

Directed by Sharon Watts


July 26 - 29 2006

Boy: David Hilditch

Grandmother: Sally Diver

Grand High Witch: Annabel Gough

Bruno Jenkins: Oliver Constable

Mr. Jenkins: Nathan Jones

Mrs. Jenkins: Amy Groves

Doorman / Head Chef: Tim Calderhead

Head Waiter / Display Witch: Gemma Stuckey

Witch 1: Emily Hilditch

Witch 2: Jessica Groves

Maid: Sophie Shepherd

Tree House Witch: Rhiannon Whelan

Frog: Millie Wood

Chef 2: Rosie Baggs

Chef 3 / Sailor: Calum Borthwick

Doctor: Sam Farras

Lawyer: Sam Cook

Hotel Staff: Sam Farras, Shannon Wood


          Jade Doherty, Jasmin Graham, Jessie Hunter, Jennie Lindup,

          Denise Moss. Anna Roberts, Sophie Shepherd, Gemma Stuckey,

          Rosie Baggs, Amy Groves, Rhiannon Whelan, Millie Wood,

          Shannon Wood

Director: Sharon Watts

Assistant Director: Anna Quick

Deputy Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Stage Crew: Simon Armes, Helen Armes, Nigel Bubloz, Andy Grave,

          Gary Ruell, Len Shipton, Rebcca Watts

Lighting Designer: Mike Medway

Lighting Crew: Tanya Courtnadge

Follow Spot Operator: Ashley Medway

Sound Operator: Lee Wenham, Woody Mehmet

Set Design: Len Shipton

Set Construction: Simon Armes, Len Shipton, Paul Watts,

          David Otway, Dave Yarlett, Ron Mainchbury

Props: Sue Gullen, Peter Gullen, Anita Shipton

Publicity: Anna Quick, Amanda Solomon

Prompt: David Otway

Costume: Jean Clark assisted by Shay Infield

Mice Costumes: Jean Blaber

Puppeteers: Anna Quick, Candy White, Andy Grave,

          Jade Doherty, Sam Cook

Hair and Make-Up: Jessie Hunter, Eray Moss, Wendy Lindup

Mice and Frog Make-Up: Candy White

Front of House: Nina Yeo, Louise Yeo, Fiona Cameron,

          Amanda Solomon, Eray Moss, Carol Comber, Smudge Roberts,

          Audrey Martin

Chaperones: Shay Infield, Jean Clark, Steph Wood, Fiona Hilditch, Andy Groves

Photography: Dave Yarlett

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