The Wind In The



The Wind In The Willows

by Willis Hall and Denis King

based on Kenneth Grahame's novel

directed by Sharon Watts

July 22 - 25 2009

Toad: Ian Churchill

Water Rat: Mark Hall

Mole: Ben Williams

Badger: Matthew Grant

Enid: Monique Matthews

Chief Weasel: Robert Reeves

Hawkins: Ian Bishop

Constable: Tom Ronan

Judge: H Reeves

Clerk: Anna Gould

Barge-Woman: Rebecca Watts

Alfred The Horse: Sophie Shepherd & Emma Hayward

Field Mouse 1: Brett Stephens

Field Mouse 2: Harry Woodhouse

Mice: Georgia Harrison, Katie Dear, Lilly Willis,

          Amy Whittington. Charlie Woodhouse

Constables: Michael Weldon, Brett Stephens,

          Robert Reeves, Harry Woodhouse

Wild-Wooders: Bobert Reeves, Emily Grimes, Emma Hayward

Weasels: Jennie Lindup, Natalia Glowczynska, Jodie Constable,

          Sophie Shaw, Goldie Majtas, Anna Gould, Michael Weldon,

          Sophie Shepherd

Villagers: Tegan Cornish, Jamie Cranfield, Katie Dear, Lilly Wills, Charlie Woodhouse, Jean Clark, Sue Gullen, Anita Shipton, Brian Gill, Roberta Woodhouse, Sally Diver

Director: Sharon Watts

Assistant Director: Sharon Churchill

Voice Coach: Wendy Fane

Choreographer: Candy White

Deputy Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Lighting Design: Mike Medway

Sound Design: Mark Greenwood

Lighting and Sound Technicians: Mike Medway & Lee Wenham

Production Musical Director: Jude Obermuller

Keyboard 1: Jude Obermuller

Keyboard 2: Lizzie Hutchings


Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Assistant Stage Manager: Martin Oakley

Crew: Simon Armes, Helen Armes, Ben Green, Rosie Baggs,

          David Otway, Tim Calderhead, Gary Ruell, Derrick Payne,

          Big H, Gary Sommerford

Props: Anita Shipton, Di Tidzer

Wardrobe: Jean Blaber, Jean Clark, Shay Infield

Continuity: Sue Gullen

Make-Up Design: Jez Eaton

Make-Up Application: Jez Eaton, Sarah Knight, Candy White,

          Amy White, Roberta Woodhouse, Sharon Churchill,

          Sharon Watts

Rehearsal Pianist: Lizzie Hutchings

Set Design: Martin Oakley / Len Shipton

Workshop Team: Ron Lainchbury, Len Shipton, Martin Oakley,

          David Otway, Nigel Bubloz, Gary Ruell, Paul Watts

Scenic Painting: Barry Hinchcliffe

Publicity Material: Marc Woodhouse

Thanks To:  St. Johns Ambulance, Jane Denyer & Box Office Team,

          Front Of House Team, Derrick Payne of City Theatre Co.,

          Masquerade Costumes, Harveys of Hove,

          Buckingham Park Primary School.

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council