The Seashell



The Seashell

by Jess Gregg


7 - 11 October 1980

Christopher Kenneford as Frank Kittridge

Lucy Mandell as Amy Kittridge

Muriel Press as Lucille (Swart) Kittridge

Pat O’Byrne as Alice (Derst) Kittridge

Geraldine Dexter as Josefa Lantenay

Beryl Wicks as Mrs. Kittridge

Penny Morris as Janet McCabe

Margaret Butler as Marietta Bath

Producer: Robert Ettridge

Stage Manager: Phil Watkins

Continuity: Vicki Chapman

Properties: Eileen Hamilton

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Effects: Alan Knight

Decor: Iris Roberts, Graham Knapman, Iris Chatfield

Front of House Manager: Derek Fines

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