The Matchmaker



The Matchmaker

by Thornton Wilder
directed by Kate Armes

11 December - 14 December 2019

Barbara Isaacs - Mrs Dolly Levi

Sally Saunders - Mrs Irene MalloyLars

Hannah Whitty - Minnie Fay

Nettie Sheridan - Miss Flora Van Huysen

Mia Lily Battle-Welch - Ermengarde

Sally Diver - Gertrude/Cook
Gary Somerford - Malachi Stack

Sam Razavi - Horace Vandergelder

Giles Newlyn-Bowmer - Cornelius Hackl

Oliver Dean - Barnaby Tucker

Robbie Osborne - Ambrose Kemper

James Bernstein - Joe Scanlon/Cabman

Frank Horsley - Rudolf

Nigel Bubloz - August

Director: Kate Armes

Assistant Director: Debbie Creissen

Producer: Anita Jones

Stage Manager: Pete Dilloway

DSM: Nigel Bubloz

Stage Crew: Jo Clarke, Ben Green

Wardrobe: Milla Hills

Properties and Set Dressing: Jo Hall

Lighting Designer: Simon Armes

Sound & Lighting Operator: Jeff Woodford

Set Design: Brian Jones

Workshop Team: Len Shipton, Simon Armes,

    David Otway, Dean Common, Ron Lainchbury,
    Nigel Bubloz, Liz Slough, Artie Hills
Scenic Artist: Bob Layzell

Programme & Advertising Design: Gary Cook

Publicity: Sarah Papouis, Mandy Reeves (press)

Photography: Miles Davies

Cast Headshots: Sarah Papouis
Front of House: Hilary Smith and Team

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