The Heiress



The Heiress

by Ruth and Augustus Goetz


1 - 5 May 1979

Geraldine Dexter as Maria

John King as Dr. Austin Sloper

Beryl Wicks as Mrs. Lavinia Penniman

Heather Youdale as Catherine

Eileen Hamilton as Mrs. Elizabeth Almond

Linda Moyle as Marian Almond

Gerald Wicks as Arthur Townsend

Producer: Peter Gullen

Stage Manager: Stanley Jones

Properties: Sylvia Smithers, Nicky Jewiss

Wardrobe: Eileen Collins, Mary Gullen

Sound Effects: Leslie Chatfield, Alan Knight

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Continuity: Winifred Marshall

Decor: Christopher Kenneford, Olivia Cameron-Finfer, Sue Murphy

Front of House Manager: Christopher Kenneford


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