The Diary Of Anne Frank



The Diary Of Anne Frank

Dramatised by
Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett


5 - 8 February 1986

Gerry Wicks as Mr. Frank

Jayne Field as Miep Gies

Margaret Shephard as Mrs. Van Daan

Tony Jolly as Mr. Van Daan

Cliff Ettridge as Peter Van Daan

Miranda Bowen as Mrs. Frank

Gill Chapman as Margot Frank

Elaine Longmuir as Sarah

Naomi Alexander as Anne Frank

Ken Mandel as Mr. Kraler

Harry Atkinson as Mr. Dussel

‘Tammy’ as Mouschi

Producer: Barry Heselden

Assistant to Producer: Jane Denyer

Stage Manager: Julie Murrell

Assistant Stage Manager: Les Ogden

Properties: Rita Longmuir, Louise Cuningham

Wardrobe: Maureen Boath, Muriel Press

Lighting: Patrick Roberts

Sound: Alan Knight

Decor: Iris ‘Smudge’ Roberts, Graham Knapman

Continuity: Denise Fry

Front of House Manager: Margaret Murrell

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