The Devil's Disciple



The Devil's Disciple

by George Bernard Shaw


4-8 May 1965

Peggy Deall as Mrs. Dudgeon

Sue Bestwick as Essie

John King as Christy Dudgeon

John Deall as Anthony Anderson

Susan Porteous as Judith Anderson

George Baker as Lawyer Hawkins

Edmund Andrew as William Dudgeon

Ivy Oborne as Mrs. William Dudgeon

Joe Billing as Titus Dudgeon

Olive Gebbet as Mrs. Titus Dudgeon

Maurice Pound as Richard Dudgeon

Jack Marshall as Sergeant

Peter Twine as 1st Solider

John Stafford as 2nd Soldier

Alan Sharp as Major Swindon

Ted Hood as General Burgoyne

David Geere as Chaplain

Producer: Robert B. Ettridge

Stage Manager: Brenda Ettridge

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Properties: Doreen Atkinson, Erica Clarke, Lynn MacFarlane

Wardrobe: Ivy Oborne, Ailsa Mansell, Mary Hood

Front of House Manager: Jack Press

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