Swan Song



Swan Song

by Joan Brampton

Director: Ivan P. Birch


Y.M.C.A. Hall, Marmion Road, Hove


November 1948

Jack Wingfield as Master Thomas Earnshaw

Iris Chatfield as Mistress Preedy

Ivan P. Birch as Master William Shakespeare

Evelyn Bannister as Judith Rivers

Jon Peaty as Raymond Partington

Denis Lelliott as Jim Grafton

Phil Tester as Clive Randall

Donald Halfrey as Henry Searle

Lilian Wass as Newnham

Elizabeth Penney as Henrietta Craddock

Malcolm Beadman as Stephen Formby

Edward Scott as Derek

Peggy Martin as Mrs. Phelps

Jeanne Duly as Lorna Harding

Denis Hoad as Bob Harding




Produced & Directed by: Ivan P. Birch

Stage Manager: Charles Walker

Assistant Stage Manager: Jane Potts

Set designed by: Jon Peaty

Set executed by: Jon Peaty, Mary Hoag, Valerie Ludlow

Costumes designed by: Elizabeth Clare

Lighting: John Bunyan, Fred Patching, Joe Garnham

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Stage Assistants: David Flowers, Jack Silsby,

          Fred Rance, Bert Townshend

Publicity: Mary Beckett



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