Spider's Web



Spider's Web

by Agatha Christie


22-16 October 1974

John King as Sir Rowland Delahaye

John Pelling as Hugo Birch

David Wylie as Jeremy Wallander

Eileen Banfield as Clarissa Hailsham-Brown

Dawn Potkins as Pippa Hailsham-Brown

Hazel Morgan as Mildred Peake

Stanley Jones as Elgin

Bernard Dennehy as Oliver Costello

Joe Billing as Henry Hailsham-Brown

Richard Nicholas as Inspector Lord

Edward Hood, Jr. as Constable Jones

Producer: Sylvia Smithers

Stage Manager & Decor: Jane Harrod

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Decor: Viv Hayman

House Management: Edward Hood

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