Shall We Join
The Ladies?



Shall We Join The Ladies?

by J.M. Barrie


March and April 1962


Our entry in the Southwick and Fishersgate Community Association Festival of Arts and Crafts, the first stage of the National Festival of Community Theatre


Winner of the Horsham and District Drama Festival Society

Ron Kingsnorth as Sam Smith

Elizabeth Howard as Lady Jane Raye

Jack Wingfield as Mr. Preen

Doreen Atkinson as Lady Wrathie

Reginald Guy as Sir Joseph Wrathie

Sylvia Smithers as Mrs. Preen

John King as Captain Jennings

Phyllis Beard as Mrs. Castro

Joe Billings as Mr. Vaile

Eileen Banfield as Mrs. Bland

Edward Hood, Jr. as Mr. Gourlay

Muriel Press as Miss isit

Pauline George as Miss Vaile

Neville Banfield as A Policeman

Julia Walsh as Lucy (Maid)

Edmund Andrew as Dolphin

Producer: George Baker

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