by Leslie Bricusse

directed by Ron Common


December 3 - 10 2005

Ebenezer Scrooge: H Reeves

Jacob Marley: Brian Gill

Bob Cratchit: Frank Horsley

Mrs. Cratchit: Angela Milner

Tiny Tim Cratchit: George Arthur / Shannon Wood

Kathy Cratchit: Jessica Autumns / Jessica Groves

Jenny, Martha Cratchit & Phantoms:

          Jenny Milner / Laura Egan

Peter Cratchit & Phantoms:
          Thomas Van Vliet / Mark Gandey

Nephew Harry & Ebenezer: Dan Newman

Isabel & Helen: Louise Yeo

Young Ebenezer, Boy & Phantoms:

          David Hilditch & Dan Hills

Christmas Past: Chrissie Blount

Christmas Present: James Burns

Christmas Yet-To-Come: Simon Armes

Mrs. Dilber & Party Guest: Jean Clark

Miss Dilber & Mary: Helen Armes

Mr. Fezziwig & Bisset The Butcher: Michael Eyers

Mrs. Fezziwig & Party Guest: Sally Diver

Dick Wilkins, Baker & Party Guest: Andy Hutchison

Mrs. Pringle & Party Guest: Christina Manchester

Sal Jenkins: Fiona Cameron

Josephine Jollygoode: Sue Gullen

Helen Hearty & Party Guest: Jenny Burtenshaw

Punch and Judy Man & Topper: Duncan Vicat-Brown

Bess & Party Guest: Nina Yeo

Beggar Woman & Schoolteacher: Anita Shipton

Chestnut Seller & Party Guest: Stephanie Wood

Wine Merchant: Ed Mitchell

Mrs. Carstairs & Woman at Window: Diane Tidzer

Phantoms & Chorus: Amy Groves, Katie Reid,

          Jasmin Graham

Chorus: Peter Plumb, Dave Otway


Bass Guitar/Keyboard: Jasper Kent

Piano/Keyboard: Hugh O'Neal

Director: Ron Common

Musical Director: Jasper Kent

Choreographer: Candy White

Assistant Director: Brenda Ettridge

Rehearsal Pianist: Hugh O'Neal

Stage Managers: Andrew Stoner, Sharon Watts

Deputy Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Set Team: Simon Armes, Chris Brownsey-Joyce,

          Ron Lainchbury, Len Shipton, Dave Yarlett

Set Design: Ron Common

D├ęcor: Bob Layzell

Lighting Design: Mike Medway

Lighting Technician: Tanya Courtnadge

Sounds: Alex Walter

Wardrobe: Jean Clark, Shay Infield

Props: Brenda Ettridge, Jennie Davies, Dennis Yeo

Publicity: Anna Quick, Amanda Solomon, Ron Common

Continuity: Amanda Solomon

BSL Interpreter: Vicky Chatfield

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council