by George Bernard Shaw


20 April - 3 May 1969

Winifred Marshall as Lady Eynsford-Hill

Christine Sellwood as Miss Eynsford-Hill

Anne Dickman as Eliza Doolittle

Glen Jones as Mrs. Pearce

Venetia Baker as Mrs. Higgins

Susan Gullen as Parlourmaid

Stan Jones as 1sy Bystander

Peter Gullen as 2nd Bystander

David Geere as 3rd Bystander

Richard Nicholas as Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Joe Billing as Colonel Pickering

John King as Professor Higgins

Roy Twine as Doolittle

Producer: Robert Ettridge

Stage Manager: Peter Gullen

Set Designer: Neville Banfield

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Decor: Sylvia Smithers, Eileen Banfield

Properties: Dorothy Billing

Wardrobe: Marion Denny

Backstage: Mary Gullen, Stan Jones, David Geere,

          Jane Benfield, Marilyn Thaxter

Front of House Manager: Sylvia Smithers, Eileen Banfield



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