Puss In Boots



Puss In Boots

by Len Shipton

directed by Ron Common


December 30 2006 and January 2 - 6 2007

Puss-In-Boots: Louise Yeo

Tom Miller: Jenny Burtenshaw

Blokk: Daniel Vincent

Takkle: Daniel Jones

Airy Fairy: Candy White

Malcontenta: Gill Etter
Ada, The Cook: Ian Bishop

Princess Arabella: Anna Quick

King: James Burns

Bill, The Footman: Ron Common

Ogre: Michael Eyers

Professor Wackem: Anita Jones

Daisy: Sally Diver &  Angela Milner

Toccalotta Man: H Reeves

Percy Cute: Brian Gill

School Pupils: Sally Diver, Sue Gullen,

          Angela Milner, Smudge Roberts

Bootmaker: Garry Hollingdale

Lawyer: Mark Hall

Haberdasher: Jean Clark

Chorus Members & Various Roles: Amy Abbott, Stephanie Wood,

          Sarah Milner, Anita Jones, Glenda Gandey, Mark Hall,

          Michael Eyers, Patrick McHugh, Angela Milner,

          Sally Diver, David Otway


Moggies: Amy Groves, Jessica Groves, Tim Calderhead,

          Annabel Gough, Rhiannon Whelan, Shannon Wood,

          Millie Wood

Minxes: Rosie Baggs, David Hilditch, Emily Hilditch,

          Ollie Constable, Gemma Stuckey, Sarah Milner,

          Sophie Shepherd

Director: Ron Common

Assistant Director: Fiona Cameron

Musical Director: Jasper Kent

SPY Director: Sharon Watts

Deputy Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Stage Manager: Gary Sommerford

Lighting Designer: Mike Medway

Sound Designer: Phil Oliver

Lighting/Projection Operator: Mike Medway

Sound Operator: Phil Oliver

Set Designer: Len Shipton

Sound Effects: Andy Stoner, Mark Hall

Set Construction Team: Len Shipton, Simon Armes,

          Ron Lainchbury, David Otway, Gary Sommerford,

          Paul Watts and all the workshop team

Set Painter: Bob Layzell

Wardrobe: Jean Clark assisted by Shay Infield

Assistant Stage Managers: Helen Armes, Simon Armes,

          Simon Bubloz, Fiona Cameron, Ian Churchill,

          Mark Gandey, Ken Milner, David Otway, Derrick Payne,

          Thomas Van Vliet, Paul Watts, Sharon Watts

Front Of House Staff: Des Young and Team

Choreography: Candy White

Chaperones: Sharon Churchill, Andy Groves

Props: Anita Shipton, Fiona Cameron, Jennie Davies

Publicity: Anna Quick, Amanda Solomon

Dresser: Jo Common

Prompt: Amanda Solomon

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council