Plaza Suite



Plaza Suite

by Neil Simon

directed by Emma Prendergast & Paul Brand


13 - 16 June 2001


Miranda Bowen as Karen Nash

Paul Cemmeck as  Sam Nash

Tracey Willard as Jean McCormack

Gary Sommerford as Bellhop

David Otway as Waiter



Justin Finn as Jesse Kiplinger

Emma Prendergast as Muriel Tate



Wendy Dovey as Norma Hubley

Paul Brand as Roy Hubley

Georgiana Harvey-Gibson as  Mimsie Hubley

James Watson as Borden Eisley

Directed by: Emma Prendergast & Paul Brand

House Management: Shona Carter, Ian Bishop

House Management Team: Dave Yarlett, Les Ogden,

          Chris Brownsey-Joyce, Simon Snelling, Paul Watts,

          Eddie Bolton, Mark Brownsey-Joyce,

          Graham Knapman, Smudge Roberts

Decor: Bob Layzell

Illumination: Mike Medway

Accoustics: Sally Diver

Properties: Sarah Fulton

Publicity: Ron Common

Reception: Jane Denyer, Martin Flower, Valerie Bray

Front of House Managers: Roger Howorth, Brian Moulton,

          Des Young, Les Ogden

Front of House: Maggie Hall, Fiona Lockhart, Dennis Yeo,

          Vicki Wood, Sue Bolton, Maxine English,

          Judith Stringer, Malcolm Wood, Ron Common


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Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council