Murder At The Manor



Murder at The Manor

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic,

The Barn Theatre was closed for much of 2021 - The Players moved online for a series of Zoom-based Murder Mysteries raising money for The Lions Club & Other Charities

Murder at the Manor was performed on:
26 February 2021 in aid of Brighton Lions Club

27 February 2021 in aid of Brighton & Hove Mayor's Charities

16 April 2021 in aid of Central West British Isles Lion Club

29 May 2021 in aid of Folkestone Lions Club


Liz Gibson: Agnes Paige-Turner

Tim Ingram: Bruce 'Skippy' Johnson

Roy Stevens: Clive Paige-Turner

Tobias Clay: Gregory King

Ron Common: Inspector Ivor Clew

Chrissie Blount/Rachel Darby: Jacqueline De-Montford

Sarah Papouis: Julia Bishop

Sam Clements: Louisa De-Montford

Kate Armes/Milla Hills: Margaret Paige-Turner

Jamie Cranfield: Patrick De-Montford

Roger Lee: Tarquin Uppity

Director: Sally Diver

Producer: Ron Common

Technical Manager: Pete Dilloway

PC Assistant: Nigel Bubloz


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