Lloyd George Knew
My Father



Lloyd George Knew My Father

by William Douglas Home


24 - 28 October 1978

Peggy Deall as Lady Sheila Boothroyd

Stanley Jones as Robertson

John Deall as General Sir William Boothroyd

Lawrence Dell as Hubert Boothroyd, M.P.

Judy Bruce-Hay as Sally Boothroyd.

Christopher Kenneford as Simon Green

Peter Gullen as Rev. Trevor Simmonds



Producer: Heather Youdale

Stage Manager: Sylvia Smithers

Properties: Valerie Courtman, Beryl Wicks

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Decor: Heather Youdale, Christopher Kenneford

Wardrobe: Eileen Collins

Continuity: Muriel Press

Make-up: John King

Front of House Managers: Robert Ettridge, John Stone

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