In Holland Stands
A House



In Holland Stands A House

by Sue Saunders and Cecily O'Neill

directed by Ron Common with Jennie Du Val


July 20 - 23 2011

Anne Frank: Anna Gould
Margot Frank: Danielle Markham

Edith Frank: Louise Yeo

Otto Frank: Ron Common

Miep Gies: Sarah Fulton

Mrs van Daan: Elena Markham

Mr van Daan: Matthew Grant

Peter van Daan: James Phoon

Mr Dussel / Pianist: Ben Cassan

Inmate: H Reeves


Bonnie Hazelwood

Bradley Duhart

Isobel Pearce

Alfie Sassi

Anastasia Adelaide-Essex

Sabina Silver

Natalia Glowczynska


Georgia Harrison

Jodie Constable

Callan Macewan

Katie Dear

Catrina Wilson

Amy Whittington


Terri Challis

Rachael Bull

Director: Ron Common

Assistant Director: Jennie Du Val

Producer: Nigel Bubloz

Stage Manager: Gary Sommerford

Deputy Stage Manager: Ian Churchill

Prompt: Sally Diver

Lighting Design: Martin Oakley

Sound Engineer: Will Jamieson

Projectionist: Natalie Marcy Boo, Alice Mellors

Wardrobe: Wendy Galleymore, Jean Clark, Jean Blaber

Properties: Anita Shipton, Di Tidzer,

          Debbie Creissen, Gloria Munshull

Set Design: Ron Common

Workshop Team: Len Shipton, David Otway, Nigel Bubloz,

          Martin Oakley, Ron Lainchbury, Simon Armes,

          Gary Sommerford, Nathalie Praud, Gary Ruell

Publicity Design: Ron Common, Martin Oakley

Publicity Team: Sally Diver, Anita Jones, Michael Eyers, Paul Watts,

          Candy White, David Otway

Head Chaperone: Wendy David

FOH Manager: Hilary Smith & Team


Dutch translation / Voice Coach: Saskia Kipling

German Voice Coach: Gabi Foster

Piano: David Frost

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