Great Expectations



Great Expectations

by Alec Guinness

Adapted from the book by Charles Dickens

Director: Ivan P. Birch


County Secondary Girls’ School, Southwick

Dolphin Theatre, Brighton - the first non-professional company to perform at the Dolphin Theatre.


November 20-22 1947 and

December 19th 1947

Ian McLeod as Pip (as a boy)

Cecil Weston as Magwitch

Donald Halfey as Joe Gargery

Peggy Martin as Mrs. Joe Gargery

Jack Press as Mr. Wopsle

Charles Walker as Mr. Pumplechook

Ron Paxton as The Sergeant

Denis Lelliott as Compeyson

Joan French as Estella (as a girl)

Iris Chatfield as Miss Havisham

B.F. Baker as Mr. Jaggers

Adrian H. Cooper as Pip (as a young man)

Venita Bricewhite as Biddy

Jack Wingfield as Herbert Pocket

John Hill as Waiter and as Policemen

Jane Potts as Estella (as a young lady)

Elisabeth Chatterton as Clara Barley

Producer & Director: Ivan P. Birch

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Penney

Stage Organisation: Bert Townshend

Stage Assistants: David Flowers, Jack Silsby,

          V. Williams, R. Denyer, G. Wackford, G. Moore

Stage Decor: Mary Hoag

Properties: Pam Upperton

Prompter: Catherine Chatterton

Lighting: Leslie Chatfield, John Bunyan, John Garnham,

          Fred Patching

Wardrobe Mistress: Joyce Cook

Assisted by: Mary Hooper

House Management: John Deall, Peggy Deall


              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council