Elizabeth And Darcy



Elizabeth And Darcy

by Constance Cox


Venue: Coliseum, Aberdare


Entered into the British Drama League Festival of Full Length Plays


November 1946 and

February 25 1947

Marjory Walker as Mrs. Bennet

Charles Walker as Mr. Bennet

Evelyn Bannister as Elizabeth Bennet

Jane Potts as Jane Bennet

Elizabeth Chatterton as Hill

Catherine Chatterton as Charlotte Luxas

Muriel Mansell as Lydia Bennet

Denis Lelliott as George Wickham

George Baker as Mr. Collins

Jon Peaty as Mr. Bingley

Iris Chatfield as Lady Lucas

Ivan P. Birch as Mr. Darcy

Elizabeth Penney as Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Doris Weston as Miss Bingley

Producer: Jack Twyman

Stage Manager: Leslie Chatfield

Ladies’ Costumes designed by: Althea Martin


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