Crown Matrimonial



Crown Matrimonial

by Royce Ryton


26 - 30 May 1981

Eileen Hamilton as Mabell, Countess of Airlie

Peggy Deall as Queen Mary

Dawn Green as The Hon. Margaret Wyndham

Ken Mandel as Queen’s Page (John)

Michael Padley as King Edward VIII (David).

Heather Youdale as The Princess Royal (Mary)

Lucy Mandell as The Duchess of Gloucester (Alice)

John Deall as Walter Monckton, K.C.

Brenda Ettridge as The Duchess of York (Elizabeth)

Larry Dell as The Duke of York (Bertie)

Producer: Constance Cox

Stage Manager: David Stenning

Wardrobe: Daphne Barber

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Decor & Stage Dressing: Graham Knapman

Front of House Manager: Rushdi Khayat

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