Children In Uniform



Children In Uniform

by Christa Winsloe


8 - 12 March 1983

Beryl Wicks as Fraulein von Nordeck

Patricia O’Byrne as Excellency von Ehrenhardt

Doreen Atkinson as Frau Alden

Sylvia Smithers as Martha

Betty Jewiss as Hanni

Patricia O’Byrne as Toad

Lara Bowen as Grand Duchess

Winifred Heselden as Countess Kernitz

Barbara Thompson as Frau Lehmann

Susan Gullen as Johanna



Heather Youdale-West as Fraulein von Bernburg

Margaret Doyle as Fraulein von Gaerschner

Muriel Press as Fraulein von Kestner

Peggy Deall as Mlle Alaret

Jane Denyer as Fraulein von Atams

Mary Gullen as Miss Gibson



Denise Strains as Manuela

Margaret Butler as Marga

Sharon Francis as Lise

Elizabeth Redman as Treischke

Catherine Baker as Lilli

Lucy Mandel as Edelgard

Joanne Roberts as Oda

Bronwen Goldstein as Anneliese

Rosalind Fenton as Mia

Annette Crook as Jose

Directed by: Heather Youdale-West

Producer: Peter Gullen

Stage Manager: Tony Jolly

Properties: Margaret Doyle, Winifred Heselden

Lighting: Edward Keith

Decor: Iris Roberts, Graham Knapman

Sound Effects: Michael Doyle

Continuity: Mary Gullen, Christopher Kenneford

Prompts: Vicki Wood, Muriel Press

Wardrobe: Pat Moss

Hair Styling: Iris Chatfield

Dresser: Barbara Thompson

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Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council