Bugsy Malone



Bugsy Malone

by Alan Parker

Directed by Des Young and David Stenning


24 - 27 July 2002

Joseph Otway as Bugsy Malone

Sarah Milner as Blousey Brown

Rebecca Lock as Fat Sam

Leanne Jones as Tallulah

Tim Calderhead as Abby

Ellie Infield as Fizzy

Martha Simms as Captain Smolsky

Georgie Glover as O’Dreary

Rachel McFarlane as Leroy Smith

Amy Courtney as Louella

Courtney Collins as Lena Marelli

Christine Fairbrother as Cagey Joe


Fat Sam’s Gang:

Helen Armes as Knuckles

Jodie West as Angelo

Rachel McFarlane as Louis

Hannah Martin as Ritzy

Louise Fairbrother as Snake Eyes


Dandy Dan’s Gang:

Jonathan Wilson as Benny Lee

Hannah Cove as Bronx Charlie

Maddy Infield as Doodle

Jazmin Rickards as Laughing Boy

Daniel Jones as Shoulders

Samantha Lock as Yonkers


Fat Sam’s Showgirls:

Christine Fairbrother as Bangles

Lucy Smith as Dotty

Lily Attwood as Loretta

Laura Egan as Tillie

Courtney Collins as Velma



Emily McFarlane, Jasmin Clark,

Jenny Milner, Jessica Clark,

Laura Egan, Melissa Pover,

Sarah Mason, Lauren Knight,

Lucy Smith

Emily McFarlane as Radio Announcer

Katie Reid as Babyface

Sam Packham as Barber

Melissa Pover as Butler

Thomas Attwood as Cellist

Jenny Milner as Dummy

Joe Mott as English Reporter

Lotti Benn as Flash Frankie

Jenny Milner as Harmonica Player

Jenny Milner as Harp Player

Tom Cullen as Joe, the Barman

Rachel McFarlane as Looney Bergonzi

Maddy Infield as Marbini

Tom Cullen as Opera Singer

Sam Packham as Oscar de Velt

Joe Mott as Paper Boy

Jenny Milner as Pickett

Hannah Martin as Pop Becker

Thomas Attwood as Roxy Robinson

Sam Packham as Seymour Scoop

Joe Mott as Shady

Tom Cullen as Shakespearean Actor

Lauren Knight as Sound Man

Lauren Knight as Tap Dancer

Daniel Jones as Ventriloquist

Katie Reid as Violinist

Jessica Clark as Waitress

Courtney Collins as

          ‘Tomorrow’ Dancer

Directed by: Des Young, David Stenning

Musical Director: James Aylward

Choreographer: Sharon Watts

Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Deputy Stage Manager: David Stenning

Assistant Stage Manager: Dave Yarlett

Stage Crew: Eddie Bolton, Ken Milner, David Otway

Set Design: Des Young & Dave Stenning

Lighting Technician: Mike Medway

Sound Technician: Simon Snelling

Set Team: Dave Yarlett, Eddie Bolton, Paul Watts,

          Steve Bunker Les Ogden

Car built by: Dennis Yeo

Decor: Iris ‘Smudge’ Roberts

Lighting Design: Mike Medway

Lighting Technician: Chris Grey

Follow Spot Operator: Charlie

Sounds: Simon Snelling

Properties: Des Young

Publicity: Ron Common

Continuity: Jean Clark

Wardrobe: Sue Bolton, Elfriede Rickards

Backstage Team: Paul Watts, Dave Yarlett, David Otway


‘Razzamataz’, the Orchestra:

          James Watson (piano & keyboard), Les Ogden (drums),

          Jason Jeffries (clarinet), James Aylward (bass guitar),

          Chris Taggart (lead guitar), Kate Owens,

          Oliver Prescott (trumpet)

Pit Singers: Amy Kimber, Lucy Hall, Rebecca Watts,

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council