Breezeblock Park



Breezeblock Park
by Willy Russell

directed by Brenda Ettridge


March 3 - 6 2004

Betty: Sharon Watts

Syd: Micky Barrett

Sandra: Nikki Neal

Vera: Eray Moss

Tommy: Ron Common

Reeny: Cat Vandepeer

Ted: John Garland

John: Luke Firth

Tim: Mark Brownsey-Joyce

Director: Brenda Ettridge

Stage Manager: Simon Armes

Deputy Stage Manager: David Otway

Set Team: Dave Yarlett, Les Ogden, Paul Watts, Eddie Bolton.,

          Den Yeo, Mark McFarlane

David Otway, Nathalie Praud

D├ęcor: Bob Layzell

Lighting: Mike Medway

Sounds: Simon Snelling

Wardrobe: Shay Infield

Props: Jean Clark, Diane Tidzer, Smudge Roberts

Publicity: Ron Common

Continuity: Nina Yeo

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Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council