Born In The Gardens



Born In The Gardens

by Peter Nichols


22- 26 September 1987


Our entry into the Brighton & Hove Arts Council
Full-Length Drama Competition


Sallie Sawicka as Maud

Len Boath as Mo

Richard Pincott as Hedley

Maggie Hall as Queenie

Producer: Barry Heselden

Stage Manager: Julie Murrell

Assistant Stage Manager: Richard Jones

Properties: Rita Longmuir

Wardrobe: Maureen Boath

Lighting: Patrick Roberts

Effects: Jamie Boath

Decor: Iris ‘Smudge’ Roberts, Graham Knapman

Continuity: Margaret Shephard

Set Construction: Des Condren & the Workshop Team

Front of House Managers: Win Heselden

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Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council