Blithe Spirit



Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward
directed by Nettie Sheridan

5 - 8 December 2021



Ruth Condomine - Louise Yeo

Charles Condomine - Phil Nair-Brown

Madame Arcati - Samantha Nixon

Elvira Condomine - Hannah Whitty

Dr George Bradman - Tim Ingram

Violet Bradman - Zoe Edden

Edith- Amy Whittington


Director: Nettie Sheridan

Assistant Director: Debbie Creissen

Stage Manager: Pete Dilloway

DSM: Nigel Bubloz

Set Design: Martin Oakley

Lighting & Effects Design and Oeration: Martin Oakley
Sound Design: Nettie Sheridan & Nigel Bubloz

Sound Operator: Jeff Woodford
Wardrobe: Milla Hills / Cast / Identity Theatre

Properties: Jo Hall & Sally Diver

Special Properties Construction: Martin Oakley & Andrew Wesby

Wardrobe: Milla Hills

Dresser: Sally Diver

Wigs and Make Up: Chris Horlock

Stage Crew: Jo Hall, Sally Diver. Andrew Wesby, Steve   Newlyn-Bowmer

Workshop Team: Len Shipton, Ron Lainchbury, Simon Armes, Nigel Bubloz, David Otway, Liz Slough, Martin Oakley
Publicity: Phil Nair-Brown & Sarah Papouis

Flyers, Posters and Programme design: Gary Cook

Photography: Miles Davies

Front Of House: Vicky Parkin and Team

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