Berkeley Square



Berkeley Square

by John L. Balderton


15-19 May 1962

Julia Walsh as Maid

Edward Hood, Jr. as Tom Pettigrew

Simon King as Miss Pettigrew

Kay Russell as The Lady Anne Pettigrew

Ron Kingsnorth as Mr. Throstle

Pauline George as Helen Pettigrew

John Deall as The Ambassador

Doreen Atkinson as Mrs. Barwick

John Lynn as Peter Standish

Joyce Davies as Marjorie Frant

Robert Ettridge as Major Clinton

Sheila Wright as Miss Barrymore

Venetia Baker as The Duchess of Devonshire

George Baker as Lord Stanley

Charles Brand as H.R.H. The Duke of Cumberland, K.G.

Producer: Edward Hood

Stage Manager: Neville Banfield

Set built by: Neville Banfield

Decor: Ruth Baxendale

Lighting: Tom Bannister

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Properties: Peggy Deall, Edmund Andrew,

          Sheila Wright, Brenda Mason

Ladies’ Wardrobe: Joan Andrew

Gentlemen’s Wardrobe: Mary Hood

Call Boy: Eileen Barrs

Prompter: Sylvia Smithers

Front of House: Roy Twine

Refreshments: Muriel Press, Ena Collis


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