Babes In The Wood



Babes In The Wood

by Peter Gullen


2 - 10 January 1987

Amanda Ettridge or Lucille Wood as Candy Tuft

Mark Newland as Tommy Trot

Barry Heselden as The Sheriff of Nottingham

Paul Brand as Barney Bubble

Ian Bishop as Sidney Squeak

Beryl Wicks as Widow Tuft

Nick Main as Pat

Len Boath or Lorraine Hanner as Simon

Nicola Mummery or Tanya Mandel as Sarah

Gill Chapman as Maid Marian

Miranda Bowen as Robin Hood

Stanley Jones as Lord Fitzwalter

Reginald Heselden as Little John

Les Ogden as Friar Tuck

Iris Roberts as Will Scarlet

Glenwys Jones as Alan-a-Dale

Harry Atkinson as Sir Guy of Gisborne

Wendy Holden as 1st Strolling Player

Trudy Nash as 2nd Strolling Player

Maxine English as Fairy Dewdrop

Bill Longmuir as 1st Guard

David Yarlett as 2nd Guard


Ladies of the Chorus:

          Louise Cunningham, Maxine English, Amanda Ettridge,

          Wendy Holden, Glenwys Jones, Elaine Longmuir,

          Trudy Nash, Johanna Pearson, Iris Roberts, Sallie Sawicka,

          Lucille Wood, Margaret Yarlett


Gentlemen of the Chorus:

Martin Cramp, Bill Longmuir, Nick Main, David Yarlett


Dancers: pupils of the Jean Butterworth School of Dancing, under the direction of Bunty Barnes-Moss:

          Jennifer Brown, Kirsty Collins, Corinne Day, Louisa Duval,

          Louisa Fowler, Abigail Gough, Emma Pratt,

          Samantha Scragg, Michela Shaw, Tessie Simons,

          Carol Slater, Christine Slater, Jennie Stoner,

          Ellouise Woodward

Producer: Peter Gullen

Directed by: Ken Mandel

Musical Director: Daphne Thornton

Musical Accompaniment:

          Daphne Thornton (piano), Ernie Hills (percussion)

Choreographer: Trudy Nash

Fights arranged by: Robert Ettridge

Costumes designed by: Maureen Boath

Costumes: Maureen Boath and The Ladies

Lighting designed by: Patrick Roberts

Lighting: Philip Baker, Reginald Heselden

Stage Manager: Des Condren

Assistant Stage Manager: Jamie Boath

Decor: Iris ‘Smudge’ Roberts, Graham Knapman,

          Christopher Kenneford, Heather West

Set Construction: The Workshop Team

Properties: Julie Murrell, Francis Parker

Continuity: Brenda Ettridge, Lorraine Hanner, Vicki Wood

Sound Effects: Derek Fines

Stage Crew: Philip Baker, Reginald Heselden,

          Graham Knapman, Les Ogden, Dave Yarlett

Front of House Manager: Win Heselden


              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council