Tales Of The
Arabian Nights



Tales Of The Arabian Nights

by Ron Common, Ray Linnett,

Ken Tanner and Gemma Furness

directed by Roger Howorth


2 - 6 January 2001

The Sultan’s Palace

David Otway as Caliph (Abu Hassan)

Mickey Barrett as Sultan Pepper

Melissa Pover as Young Slave

Jenny Burtenshaw as Scheherezade

Leah Thompson as Dinazada

Maxine English as Sultana Sponge

Des Young as Ali Tosis

Nicky Jones as Lemonada

Stuart Frith as Lucozada

Sally Diver as Laughzada

Glenwys Jones as Sheik Yamoney

Sharon Watts as Sheik Rattle & Roll

Roy Teesdale as Ali Oop

Maxine English as Koh-I-Noor



Peter Davis as Abanazer

Ron Common as Widow Twankey

Mark Brownsey-Joyce as

          Mustapha Joint

Simon Snelling as Mustapha Pull

Smudge Roberts as Mustapha Fagg

Sarah Fulton as Mustapha Hump

Sharon Watts, Rebecca Watts as


Amy Kimber as Aladdin

Alison Millham as Princess Marzipan

Sarah Knight as Armada (her maid)

Lauren Earley as Customer

Jo Benson as Washer

Zoe Woolgar as Acrobat

Georgiana Harvey-Gibson as Genie



Ali Baba

Ron Common as Ali Baba

Jessica Clarke as

          Cogia (Robber Leader)

Elle Infield as

          Amina (Guardian of the cave)

Des Young as Casim (Ali’s brother)

Paddy Hartley as

          Veruka (Casim’s wife)

Nina Yeo as Delilah (Ali’s wife)

Sarah Knight as

          Morgiana (Veruka’s slave)

Mark Brownsey-Joyce as

          Rhum Baba (Ali’s son)



Robert English as Abdullah

Lauren Earley as Abu

Leah Thompson as Footsia

Melissa Pover as Achmed

Directed by: Roger Howorth

Stage Manager: Paul Watts

Assistant Stage Manager: Dave Yarlett

Stage Crew: Dave Yarlett, Chris Brownsey-Joyce,

          Eddie Bolton, Russell Clarke, Pete Fulton,

Set Team: Les Ogden,  Chris Brownsey-Joyce, Eddie Bolton,

          Simon Snelling, Paul Watts, Mark Brownsey-Joyce

Decor: Bob Layzell

Lighting: Mike Medway

Sound: Simon Snelling

Wardrobe: Frances Moulton, Sue Bolton

Properties: Des Young, Smudge Roberts, Jane Kimber

Publicity: Ron Common

Choreographer: Sharon Watts, Rebecca Watts

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